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Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organization – REDO was established on 14 August 1977 and was registered in 1978 under Social Welfare Voluntary Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961). A group of young volunteers established this organization. The aim was to motivate people to donate eyes for clients with cornea visual impairment.

There are approximately 190,000 curable visually impaired persons in Pakistan whose vision can be restored by cornea grafting. Eye specialists in Pakistan have been grafting corneas and restoring vision of persons living with visual impairment for the past two decades. This all is happening for the benefit of the citizens of our country to give them better health and vision.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work together to transform lives through eyes donations and play your part to live for others.

Our Vision

We want to produce awareness in our society regarding helping others and focus on to do something memorable for humanity if you want to be memorable.

Our Core Values

Caring | Responsibility | Adaptability | Respect | Integrity


The founders of REDO realized the imperative need of motivation within the country in order to benefit a large number of affected people. Up to June 2008, REDO has Registered 33680 eye donors and performed 1182 cornea-grafting operations. 972 eyes were received from Sri Lanka & 210 received from Pakistani donors.

Beside this, great incentive was provided for this work by a former President of Pakistan who took great initiative and provides incentive and instructions to all the concerned departments for providing all facilities / assistance to REDO in connection with its functions / activities in the field of eye donation and cure of visual impairment.

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Complex Eye Surgeries

In REDO we do complex surgeries of our patients to keep their vision alive. We have distinction of performing maximum number of corneal transplants in Pakistan

Dialysis Centre

Quality Dialysis is provided to all patients without any distinction as per capacity & also deserving patients are provided free of cost dialysis.

Lithotripsy Centre

REDO has established a new Lithotripsy Center in REDO Medical Complex in which a modern lithotripsy machine has been installed. Patients are being treated with this machine and stone are being removed from their kidneys at a very low cost.is a medication used in the treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease. It belongs to the class of medications called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI).

Dental Clinic

A dental clinic has been established recently in which a qualified Dentists and well trained staff treat dental problems at a low cost than market rate.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing and clinical and consultative services under the supervision of pathologist at a very low fee as compared to market and other organizations. Most commonly tests include Elisa for the screening if Hepatitis B and C, especially in dialysis patients as well as Blood sugar level before eye surgeries.

Geral Medicine

REDO is providing free treatment to the outdoor patients. The General Medicine clinic is led by qualified physician and pathologist. The service sees patients with chronic and complex conditions especially diabetes and hypertension. The team consists of physician as well as other health care professionals are trained in many areas of complementary medicine. These are used alongside orthodox treatment, allowing them to offer a fully integrated General Medicine service.
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