Let’s Bring Together

Health, Prosperity & Happiness

REDO and its whole team is working hard to improve the health of our needy patients. For this we are continuously providing different free services which are totally afforded and managed by REDO and the some of our valuable donors.

Eye Hospital

REDO Medical Complex is fully equipped as an Eye Hospital with many facilities and services. Complex Eye Surgeries are being carried out in REDO and we have the distinction of performing maximum number of corneal transplants in Pakistan

Dialysis Center

In REDO we have provided quality dialysis to all patients without any distinction as per capacity & also needy patients are provided with free of cost dialysis.


Dental Clinic

A dental clinic has been established recently in which a qualified Dentist and well trained staff treat dental problems at a low cost than market rate.

General Medical Clinic

REDO is providing free treatment to the outdoor patients. The General Medicine clinic is led by qualified physician and pathologist.


Laboratory Services provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing and clinical and consultative services.


Lithotripsy Center

REDO has established a new Lithotripsy Center in REDO Medical Complex in which a modern lithotripsy machine has been installed.