Successful Complex
Eye Surgery

Parvaiz Akhtar was working as an accountant in a private company He did most of the work on computer which led to decrease his vision. His friend told him about REDO hospital. After complete assessment he had a successful surgery by seasoned surgeon and his eye sight has restored which caused great happiness for him and the whole family.

Bi-Cart Dialysis

Muhammad Adil Khan, 38 year old male working in a government institute, had kidney failure due to hypertension is on dialysis since last 10 years. . His friend told him about REDO, at that time his health condition was critical, he had nausea, vomiting and other somatic complaints, but after 1st dialysis his health condition became improved. According to Adil, the best part of REDO is that REDO is providing Bi-Cart dialysis procedure which is most expensive and effective treatment that can be evaluated through client’s health. Also the other best part is that there is no discrimination between free and paid clients.

Successful Complex Eye Surgery

Nazia Nadeem had cataract in both eyes which caused great distress for her as she was unable to do daily chores. She came to know through neighbor that REDO is the place where needy and deserving clients can be treated free of cost. She availed the free professional services from REDO which led to the successful operations of her both eyes and now her vision is clear.

Successful Dialysis

Hafeez Ullah, 29 year old male belongs to Sindh living in a rented house and working as a shop keeper had kidney failure due to hypertension at age of 21. Both kidneys were transplanted but after seven and an half years his kidneys relapsed and he was advised to take dialysis again. He was on dialysis in other hospital but due to severe financial constraints it was not possible for him to continue the expensive treatment. His friend told him about REDO and its best free of cost services for deserving clients. Now he is on dialysis at REDO without any delay. He appealed from wealthy people to help REDO for this noble cause, support them so that a lot of other clients get benefitted from REDO.

Successful Dialysis

Tasleem Ahsan 32 year old female is on dialysis since last eleven years had kidney failure when she was just 18 year old due to hypertension. Previously she was on dialysis in some other hospital but was not satisfied with the treatment. Her father came to know about REDO and decided to take her daughter for the treatment which led to the improvement in her health condition. Now she is living a happy marital life and doing her daily household chores in an effective manner. According to Tasleem, the best part of REDO is separate cabins for Hepatitis B and C Negative, Hepatitis B and C Positive.